Best Tools and Applications for Developers (Part #1)

Best Tools and Applications for Developers (Part #1)

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There are so many different software tools on the market that aim to ease the process of getting things done. The best tools operate with the purpose to help software developers manage their own schedules in a way that helps them achieve team goals. For that reason during this post, we will see some of the tools and applications that will help us.



When we are having conversations with people, one of the common mistakes is neglecting the grammar of what we write. To improve that Grammarly could be the best option to improve our conversations.

Grammarly is a writing assistant that improves your writing at its best. Grammarly scans what you had written for common grammatical mistakes and complex ones.

Grammarly can be installed in some different ways



Notion is one of the best apps for every developer. With Notion, you can have all of your notes in one place, It can serve as your team’s wiki, handle all your projects and tasks, and a place where you store your documents and notes.

Also probably the most important thing is that It’s free for personal use. There’s a lot of features that Notion offers as

  • Markdown support: You can write all your notes and content with Markdown Language.
  • Templates: There are a lot of templates that you can use for every case as quick notes, tasks lists, journals, habit trackers, and much more.
  • Sharing: You can share your notes for up 5 guests in the personal free plan and if you use the cheaper plans that limit will be removed.
  • Sync Across Devices: Notion offers applications for different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Browser Extensions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and be used on the Web version also.

If they are not using it yet, I recommend that you try it Notion.



Postman is a popular collaboration platform for API development used by developers. Postman offers an API testing tool, automated testing capabilities, documentation, design & mock, monitors, and workspaces.

You can use this tool to quickly send SOAP and REST requests. You can also create advanced automated testing rules and integrate them into your own CI/CD pipeline, thus ensuring that any extra code modifications won’t affect the API during production.



Figma is a web-based graphics editing and user interface design app. You can use it to do all kinds of graphic design work from wireframing websites, designing mobile app interfaces, prototyping designs, crafting social media posts, and everything in between.

As you see Figma is an awesome collaborative design tool. It has great support for design systems. Figma can help us build our ideas in a simpler way.



Loom is a video recording tool that lets you simultaneously record your desktop, camera, and microphone. It’s perfect for creating instructional videos about a particular procedure or when you are working creating a Pull request result about a feature that you had worked on.

Loom’s basic plan is free and allows you to record videos for up to 5 mins. The Other plans give you drawing tools, custom branding, and more.

Loom can be used in some different ways



Zoom is an excellent video conferencing app used by individuals and companies alike to have their remote meetings. Zoom is free with unlimited 1-1 meetings, although there’s a 40-minute limit on group meetings.

Zoom can be accessed via browsers but there are also desktop and mobile apps if that’s what you prefer.

Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code or VSCode as an abbreviation is the favorite code editor of most developers. It’s free, it works for several platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With VSCode work with Git and other SCM, providers have never been easier also there are a lot of extensions that will allow us to customize or add new features to our editor.

You are not using it, just visit the Visual Studio Code page for more information.



One of the most important things in our day to day is information security, for that reason you need to store all your sensitive information in a safe place.

LastPass will help us to stores all your passwords across all your devices. It helps you generate strong passwords, makes logging in so much easier, and can store important information in the form of notes too (e.g. seed phrases or backup codes).

With the Free plan, you can use LastPass in the application just a type of device (your computer or your phone).


As we see during this post there are some awesome tools and applications that will help us to do the development process easier and quicker. This is the first part and list of applications and tools so let me know in the comments recommendations or something else that can be added to this post or the next one, I will updating the post based on that thanks! 👍